5 Shopify apps you should use for boosting scarcity on your website.

5 Shopify apps you should use for boosting scarcity on your website.

June 30, 2019

I’ve spent the last couple of days researching the Shopify App Store, looking for urgency/scarcity applications.

In other words, applications that can make visitors on a website feel the sense of urgency.

This makes them impulsive and hence they buy more.

Here’s my top 5 list of them.

1. Urgency, Social Proof & Timers by Fera.ai

This application won without a second thought the battle of the №1 place in my list.

It has so many different capabilities that is like installing 6 or more applications at once.

Great value for money!

Check what you can do with this app:

Add sales notifications in your product page without using annoying pop-ups!
Make your store look crowded which acts as a social proof for other visitors.
Tag products that you want to promote and grab visitors’ attention to them.
Add a countdown timer in your cart page or a discount code which will boost conversions.

Other options you have with this app:

  • Offer up-sells in the cart
  • Keep the add to cart button visible when visitors scroll down
  • Show a testimonial as a notification to your visitors
  • BOGO pop-up
  • Show a free shipping top bar based on customers’ spending amount

This application is a must have if you want to boost your website’s scarcity.

2. Flair Product Badges & Labels by Burst Commerce

Flair product badges & labels is a straight forward application.

It’s super useful especially for websites with large inventories.

Sometimes, special offers in your website are not well communicated.

Visitors cannot discover them which results to less revenue for the store.

Placing badges on a product is a great way to make the promotion stand out and get visitors’ attention.

Badges have customizable colours and fonts as well as mobile vs desktop appearance.

3. Smart Scarcity by SMART

Smart Scarcity is a well designed countdown timer always visible on your store.

If your brand offers often flash sales, this is a good way to communicate a sense of urgency.

Pricing is a one time payment of 37$.

4. Sold Stock by Softpulse Infotech

Another great application for informing visitors about your store’s low stock levels.

This is a great example of making them feel the fear of missing out (FOMO) and act fast towards purchasing the items.

Simple, but powerful technique to convince visitors acting fast.

5. Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App by BOLD

Such a great application for creating and communicating sales to your website visitors.

Using Bold Discounts you can create flash sales such as:

  • Sale on a specific Brand or Vendor
  • Sale by Product Type
  • Sale on a Collection
  • Sale on a hand picked group of products
  • Storewide sale
  • You can also add automatic sales icons and sale countdown timers to the products on sale

Additionally, you can schedule discounts and auto-tag sale products.

It’s a fantastic app that will save you ton of time managing your promotions and changing prices in your Shopify dashboard.

Schedule your sales, and automate placement and removal of a countdown timer in your product pages.

That’s it.

I am sure this list will help you boost your business revenue which is the main goal of every store owner.

If you also think, that other merchants will get value from this list feel free to share with them.

To your success,



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