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Shopify Web Design

Beautiful eCommerce Shopify sites built with the brand aesthetics and the consumer psychology in mind. We create compelling, results-driven online solutions.

  • Step 1: We decide together the basic outline, structure and aesthetics of your online store.
  • Step 2: We build the new Shopify store based on your bespoke needs and aspirations.
  • Step 3: We deliver a fully functional and optimized for conversions Shopify store, 100% ready to receive and process your customer orders. 

Shopify Marketing

eCommerce Marketing strategies that drive traffic to your Shopify store and help you convert more sales.

  • Facebook Advertising: Running advertisements on Facebook is complex and you probably don’t have time. We get it. We schedule, launch and manage all your Facebook campaigns.  
  • Email Marketing: Email is even today the #1 tool to connect with your audience. We build, segment, grow and then monetise your list through well proven methods.

Strategy Session

Don’t waste your time and money on misguided efforts. All our knowledge and practical experience at your disposal.

  • Business Audit & Report: You get a 360° review of your Shopify store. You will receive actionable insights and a step by step plan (video & PDF report) Follow the plan and you will get the most out of your online business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We collect 100% upfront for all services except for building and migrating stores to Shopify. Shopify web design & development comes with 2 instalments, the first one after the proposal approval and the last at project completion.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you provide evidence that our work was not professional.

We’re available to answer questions about anything related to the project during the project and for 15 days after delivery. We will correct any bugs in themes caused by source code or data developed or modified by us at no charge for a period of fifteen (15) days following the installation of such theme code onto a live store.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with such services. You have to supply us with photos, illustrations, and copywriting. We'll then use this content and lay it out nicely in your Shopify store.