Perfect is the enemy of good. And what you need is a good enough store for how to get more sales on Shopify.

If you’re new to eCommerce, then you’re probably running up against your own perfectionism — tweaking and revising, waking up at 3 am because ZOMG, the font size on this header is looking at me sideways! Change it!

Look, if you want to get more sales on Shopify — fast — you’ve got to get out of the perfectionism trap. Instead, start strategically focusing on how to drive targeted traffic to your good enough store and get more sales in 30 days. 

Here’s how.

Why you need targeted traffic to get more sales on Shopify in T-minus 30 days. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the minor details when you’ve got a new eCommerce store to build. But the key to growing your business is to drive targeted traffic to your site. 


Because that’s what’s going to give you accurate numbers and quantifiable data to work with. If you want to be successful at the eCommerce game, you’ve got to look at the big picture. 

Essentially, you’re not gonna know if there’s a sizable market for your products, if your prices are correct, or if your brand resonates if you don’t drive traffic to your store in the first place. 

And that traffic has to be targeted. 

What do I mean by that? Whelp, if a particular marketing tactic doesn’t apply to your brand and what you’re selling, move along and try something else. 

For example, if you sell a product meant for DINKs, skip the Pinterest ads. If your target audience is in their late teens or early twenties, get your offerings on TikTok and Instagram. 

Bottom line — focus your marketing efforts where your ideal customer is hanging out.

Aim low to get a high volume of sales quickly. 

Go after the low-hanging fruit first. Aiming low will protect your marketing spend and can yield some lucrative results without betting the farm and losing your shirt in the process. Always explore free traffic sources before you invest in paid ads. 

These tips and strategies are all free and good places to start:

  • Share your store with your network and social media followers
  • Share your offerings with online communities that would be most receptive to your brand and offerings
  • Offer a discount code to entice fence-sitters and build a customer base
  • Email your direct connections to get the word out about your new store and ask explicitly for a share, not necessarily a purchase

When promoting your store with these free strategies, always offer value and don’t spam. Make sure that every message you send has a link to your site, so you drive increased traffic to it. Be sure to add the link to your personal profiles, LinkedIn bio, etc. 

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Invest money to make money with paid ad strategies. 

Got a little cash in your pocket and a spring in your step? Then explore paid ad strategies after you get the low-hanging fruit. 

Most paid ad channels are PPC or pay-per-click. So you can get started with a relatively small investment because you’re only charged if someone clicks your ad. 

But a caveat — if you create and launch an enticing ad, but it’s not ideal for conversions, you’re going to pay a lot for way too little. So keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with Facebook ads if you have a firm grasp of your target customer and what they like. Facebook gives you highly granular targeting options. Be sure to check out interests so you can target people there. 
  • Instagram ads are a great place to showcase visually appealing products and content. Bonus — research shows that Instagram’s audience is one of the most engaged of the social media platforms. Also, unpaid posts get a decent amount of traction here if your hashtag game is on point
  • Pinterest is your friend if your target customer is part of the platform’s clearly defined audience base — US suburban moms with disposable income. Advertising on Pinterest is an excellent strategy if your vertical is heavy on visuals. 
  • Google ads can immediately get your offerings at the top of the search results page, driving targeted traffic to your store. But, the interface can be complex. Proceed with caution. 

Paid ads are a fast way to get more sales on Shopify and in less than a month. Fast, but not necessarily easy. It’s a good idea to invest in expert-run performance marketing for your store to protect your ad spend and ensure quick results. 

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