Ever felt overwhelmed from finding which products to test on your Shopify store? Are you getting lost among several websites looking for some inspiration or any new market trends? Believe me, you’re not alone!

As an online entrepreneur we have to deal with so many tasks on a daily basis, and doing product research (which is of high importance) is one of them.

I can admit that it was quite painful and time consuming for me and there were times that i would try to avoid it or dwell on it. So, i decided to take action and design at least some steps that i follow every time i do product research.

Make the product research one of your top priorities!

Let me tell you why.

First of all, it is quite intuitive that you as the online merchant should pay close attention to the current market trends and what is actually selling or has the potential to sell well. This will directly affect your store’s and your personal success as an entrepreneur. More importantly, if you have in place a solid process for product research it is a big time saver which will free up time (who doesn’t want some extra) for the rest of your business activities.

  1. Facebook Search Bar

So, if you are in the same category like me and Fb ads is your main traffic source, you cannot neglect using this tool called “fb search bar”.

Don’t forget, Facebook is also a search engine!

So what i do, is i go to the search bar and type phrases such as “buy yours now, 50% OFF”, “check yours here”, “buy yours today”, or “claim yours here”.

If you already have a product idea, awesome! I remember a couple of months ago, i wanted to test and sell a product related with the cycling niche. All I did was to go to the search bar and type “Buy yours now, cycling” and guess what?

Facebook returned me a couple of ads which were currently being shown to this niche. You can then save the posts you find relevant, you can follow the links to see the product pages, prices, etc. You can even download their videos (i use streamable for this) tweak them and then reuse them for your own ads. Spying your competition is not bad, in fact is mandatory i’d say.

That’s the way i found my first well performing product. I just copied what other stores were selling. Simple as that. I’d suggest you do the same. It’s effective and more importantly is free.

An important trick to remember though, is to sort the results based on the current date, because don’t forget the point is to get an idea what is currently being advertised right now in Facebook.

By following this method, you will eventually come up with some product ideas, then file them in a spreadsheet with some relevant info such as (competitor’s price, url, etc.) and you’re ready to go.

2. Create a New Facebook Profile

Ok, by now you should have some solid products that you’d like to test. But, fb search bar in not the only tool that you can leverage.

Obviously, by typing certain keywords in the search bar you don’t see all the current ads on fb. So, what i did is i created a new fb account.

Just create a new account and as your demographics use all the ones that you believe your customers have. Then you’d be able to see what other stores advertise to you.

For instance, if you sell to men in USA, aged 34+ why not create a new account with these demo and see what kind of ads pop up into your feed.

Now, you might say that you won’t bother with making a fake account, because Facebook’s new update allows you to see all the ads a page is running. You’re partly right though and let me explain.

What i realised a couple of months ago, is that a lot of drop-shipping stores do NOT run their ads through their official Facebook page because of course they want to avoid spying.

What they do instead, is they create new fan pages which they then use to run their ads.

In other words, we cannot spy their ads.

Now, i don’t say that you will definitely see all the ads your competitors are running, but if you create a new account and you let fb know your interests, then you will definitely see some ads that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see them.

So, once a day i login into this new account and just scroll through my newsfeed to see what’s popping up. When i see an interesting ad, which happens quite often i save it and do more or less the same process with the search bar.

3. Leverage Commafeed

By now, you should have quite a lot products that could be tested into your store.

However, the last method is quite powerful as well and cannot be neglected. Combined with the previous two, you have a solid foundation of how you can find interesting products to sell on your store.

Ok, so the last method is called “Commafeed” which is an open source feed reader.

You can simply visit the website, create a new account for free and then the magic begins.

If you click subscribe on the homepage you will be redirected to the page shown below. What you want to do is enter the url of some successful dropshipping stores in the “Feed Url” section including /collections/all.atom in the end.

So for example a correct feed url to enter would be http://storeurl.com/collections/all.atom , then enter the store name in the “Feed Name” section and then hit save.

That’s it you’re done. Now every time one of the stores you included into your feed reader uploads a new product you will be able to see it and also visit the exact product page of the store. How cool is that?

You can literally, spy all the successful stores for free and see first hand what products they import to their stores for testing.

I hope that by following the previous steps, you will eventually find well performing products for your stores and resolve for free the ultimate struggle called product research.

I am super passionate for e-commerce and modern day communication and i will try to share my thoughts on them once a week.

Take care. 🙂

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