If you want to increase your top-line revenue, you should definitely consider recovering your abandoned carts.

A research from the Baymard Institute found that on average a 69 percent of visitors who will add your products to their cart will finally abandon it and not complete the purchase.

This is not to discourage you, this is more to stimulate you for taking action.

What is actually an abandoned cart?

An abandoned cart occurs when a visitor adds a product or more to their cart but does not proceed with completing the purchase (pretty annoying, I know 😣).

There are so many reasons for a visitor to abandon the cart. Think about you and how you browse the web. If you are like me, you probably have multiple tabs opened and jump from one to another. This is more or less what your visitors also do. It is quite easy and likely that something else grabbed their attention and they just forgot your store.

It is also possible that something in the process annoyed or confused them and they intentionally abandoned their cart. Here are some reasons that people not buy:

Data is retrieved from this research of Baymard Institute.

Why is important to recover the abandoned carts?

A main obvious reason for recovering the abandoned carts is that you get extra sales which mean additional revenue for your business.

You pay quite a lot to advertise on the front-end and bring this traffic to your store. Why would you let them leave so easily and forget about you? Recovering this lost sale is a necessity which will help you then in return spend more on acquiring new customers.

Another reason, for recovering your abandoned carts is that you will understand why visitors abandon their cart which will help you improve the customer experience in your store and eventually reduce the abandonment rates.

3 Shopify apps you can use to recover the carts.

  1. Jilt e-commerce e-mail marketing

Jilt is a completely free of charge application if you have 0–50 abandoned carts/ month and I’d say that it’s a complete solution for recovering carts via e-mail.

Once you install the app, you will find a sequence of 3 e-mails already generated by the app’s team.

You can, of course, modify everything in this sequence such as when you will e-mail your customers, the content of the e-mail etc.

What I would suggest regarding the timing and the content is:

1st e-mail after 60 mins where you try to help.

Your first e-mail should be after 60 mins of the event and it should be an attempt to help the visitor, using questions like “how can we help”, “do you need any help” etc.

2nd e-mail after a day, where you remind them your existence.

The second e-mail should be after a day. Let’s be honest here, probably the visitor already forgot about you and it would be nice at that point to remind them your existence. Also, keep in mind that sending an e-mail the same time that the visitor was shopping the day before, is a good indicator that the visitor will actually see the e-mail and/or complete the purchase.

3rd e-mail anywhere between 3–6 days after, use scarcity & urgency.

The third e-mail should be your last attempt to recover this cart. If you want to discount that could be a great time to do so. You should also use principles of scarcity and urgency to push the customer a little bit more and complete the purchase. For instance, you can use a discount code that expires within a day or you can refer to your limited stock that will sell out fast.

2. SMSBump SMS Marketing

The next app that I want to recommend you is called SMSBump and as you probably imagined is a text marketing application.

Basically, what it does is more or less the same with the previous app that I suggested you with the difference that now you do not e-mail the visitors rather you send them text messages on their phones.

I have been testing the app lately and have seen some great results with super high ROI.

The app is free of charge in terms of recurring fees, but you have to pay obviously the text messages that you send. You simply top-up the amount you prefer and you’re getting charged per text message that you send (cost in the US is 0.014/text message).

A pro tip here is that you should make sure that it is mandatory for the customer to provide you their phone number during the checkout process, otherwise the app is useless.

3. Recart Messenger Marketing

The last app that I want to suggest you for recovering the abandoned carts is called Recart.

It costs 29$/month if the extra sales generated by the app are up to 1000$ and the cost increases as the sales generated by the app exceed this threshold.

It is a Facebook messenger marketing app which you can use to send automated messages for recovering the abandoned carts on FB messenger with incentives like a discount code.

Again, you will find some pre-made sequences for recovering your abandoned carts.

The app can be used also for growing your FB messenger list and deliver instant FB messenger campaigns. Open rates on FB messenger are quite high and it is a great channel to leverage for communicating with your customers.

As you can see there are many resources (some of them free of charge) that you can use to recover some of your abandoned carts. You should pay close attention to this aspect of your business because don’t forget that:

7 out of 10 visitors abandon their carts!

Thanks for reading!

I am super passionate for the e-commerce industry and digital marketing and I will try to share my thoughts on them once a week.

Take care 🙂

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