Christmas is all about gifts, right?

That’s probably how a lot of your customers think. And we don’t blame them.

Promo codes work as small gifts to your buyers. They generate leads, boost conversion rate, and increase the average order value - if done the right way.

Let’s jump right into the 4 strategies to make Christmas promo codes work in your favor.

1. Time-limited Offers

People hate the feeling of a lost opportunity.

A clever way to get them going, is to provide a discount coupon with a short expiration date.

You can set the offer to last a couple days or even a couple minutes after it’s first introduced to the customer.

Exit-intent popups can do a great job in increasing the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Make sure to capitalize on email marketing to keep the offers on top of your customers’ mind.

2. Reward Loyal Customers

Have you ever taken the time to thank your repeat buyers? Christmas is the right time!

Gifting promo codes is an awesome way to do so. In fact, 84% of consumers say they’re more likely to be loyal to brands that offer some kind of reward system.

Segment your customers according to their buying behavior and provide relevant coupons.

They could be percentage discounts for favorite products, dollar savings for bundles, or free shipping.

3. Retarget Cart Abandoners

Never let a potential buyer just go away.

Cart abandonment is a major issue in eCommerce. The average documented cart abandonment rate is about 69% - which means that almost 7 out of 10 visitors leave without a purchase.

Get your festive creativity into place and incentivize the cart abandoners with some Christmas-exclusive promo code.

Tip: Have in mind that customers are quite clever and sneaky. They might add products to their cart, just to get that desirable discount. Make sure you check their activity before sending the promo code.

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4. Gamification

Christmas is the time of the year that everyone feels a little bit more like a child.

And as far as we know, kids love games.

Gamification provides a unique and more fun experience to the promo-code marketing strategy.

Some ideas to test out are:


Think of a funny riddle your potential customers have to solve to get the coupon.

Mystery Rewards

Make them perform a set of actions like subscribing to your email list, and send them a “mystery” discount.

First to Claim

Everyone loves a little bit of competition. Create an X amount of coupons. The first X people to use the code win!

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