Pop-ups are a quite controversial tool in the eCommerce world. You either love them or hate them, nothing in between.

But having clicked or tapped on our blog post, chances are you understand and might have witnessed the power of web push notifications.

In case you’re still not convinced, just know that by not capitalizing on pop-ups, you’re losing a great number of visitors that just bounce.

So, let’s cut to the chase and propose five effective ways to improve your pop-ups and see a dramatic increase in your opt-in rates.

Make your pop-ups Intent-Based

Pop-ups should not appear randomly on your visitors screen. There needs to be a specific action a visitor takes for a pop-up to be triggered.

The most popular intent-based pop-ups are:

  • Exit Intent
  • Percentage Scrolled

In the case of "Exit Intent", the pop-up doesn’t interrupt the user’s experience during their navigation. It only appears at the end of their session, when the visitor has completed browsing and is ready to bounce. In addition, this type of pop-up provides a second chance to convert a visitor to a lead - a vital factor to later convert into a customer.

The "Percentage Scrolled" pop-up, allows the user to become fully engaged with your content, and then offer the additional value via the pop-up message. When implementing scroll-based pop-ups, consider choosing percentages greater than 50%. The bigger the percentage, the clearer the sign that the reader is interested in your products.

Take a shot with Time-Based pop-ups

Akin to Intent-Based pop-ups, by implementing time-based pop-ups you want to ensure that the users had enough time to interact with your website, explore its content and decide whether or not they’re interested in it.

Essentially, your pop-up should be a prompt to dive deeper into your page’s content. You want to synchronize it to appear at the exact time your reader is ready to invest more in it.

To decide the optimum moment to trigger your pop-up, you first need to identify the average session duration of a visitor - meaning to understand how much time a visitor spends on a given page.

Once you’ve figured out the average Time on Page, set your pop-up to be triggered at around the 50-60% mark.

Incentivize users with a Reward

You might believe that visitors are going to interact with whatever fancy message you throw at them, but in reality, it doesn’t work like that.

Providing visitors with a reward to opt-in can transform an unimpressive pop-up into a highly attractive opportunity for them. They’re not just giving away their much-protected personal data, but they win an enticing prize in exchange.

These rewards could be coupon codes, small discounts, flash sales, or free shipping for X value orders and can cause a major boost to your opt-in rates.

Play around with Gamified pop-ups

People love to be surprised - always in a positive way.

After having navigated thousands of eCommerce stores and product pages, an awesome and effective way to catch your visitors off guard and grab their attention, is to utilize gamified pop-ups.

Gamified pop-ups appeal to almost all ages, as they awaken every human’s inborn love for rewards and competition.

Three popular types of gamified pop-ups are:

  • Pick A Gift pop-up
  • Spin the Wheel pop-up
  • Scratch Cards pop-ups

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Run A/B Tests

Implementing the above tips are almost half of the job.

To identify which type of pop-up performs best on your store, you need to test, track and compare their results.

Three fundamental metrics to monitor and actively work on improving are:

  • Displays: Compare the number of displays you get with the total number of displays you could get.
  • Click-Through-Rate: Exit pop-ups typically convert around 4% of visitors. Getting a lower percentage should ring the bell to review your copy and design or find a reward that appeals more to your audience.
  • Goal Completion: Premium pop-up builders provide an option to monitor the percentage of visitors who converted into buyers after seeing or clicking your pop-up.

Start capitalizing on pop-ups and get your opt-in rates popping

In Cartlyfts we strongly believe in irresistible pop-ups that users love to click, interact and play with. If your goal is to increase your opt-in rate and advance your business profits, shoot us a message and let’s talk.