Christmas is the time to share joy.

It’s the last holiday of the year and our last sprint to close the year with an awesome performance!

Let’s see 5 email marketing campaigns that could bring some smiles to our customers' faces. And of course, some smiles to us too.

1. Gift Guide

Gift guides are a wonderful way to boost holiday sales.

Because when it comes to finding the perfect gift for loved ones, things start to get stressful.

We could categorize them into two types - the gift guide with displayed products and without.

Gift guides with displayed products make it easier for our customers to convert and complete a purchase.

Gift guides without products are a chance to get creative. Put your design, copy, and CTA button in place and you’re ready to go.

Gift Guide Email Campaign

2. Last-minute Christmas sale

Our lives run so fast that some things might get left behind.

In 2020, 79% of shoppers did their gift shopping spree the last two weeks before Christmas.

Time-sensitive deals are awesome because they generate this FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) for our buyers. They provide this urgency that an amazing deal might be lost.

One of the top pain points for last-minute buyers is the stress for on-time delivery. Set your logistics straight and be very specific and transparent about the shipping dates.

Last-minute Christmas Sale

3. Exclusive / only-for you Christmas sale

Christmas is the time everyone wants to receive a gift that’s just for them.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to re-engage inactive buyers. Providing small discounts like 10% or 15% could be the deal maker.

Also, don’t forget your loyal customers. It’s an amazing chance to reward and thank them for their preference for your products. Here you could offer more generous discounts, create custom bundles or even send a small gift for free to their address.

A subject line structure that works is “From X to Y”.

Exclusive Christmas Sale

4. Promote Gift Cards

Gift cards could be the best gift choice for the indecisive.

Two gift cards types that convert are:

  • Never-expiring coupon
  • Bonus coupon
A never-expiring coupon is a gift card that is always the right fit. It might lose the urgency to make a purchase but can save a lot of hesitant buyers.

The bonus gift card works like this. The buyer gets an X amount of credit to gift and receives a Y percent of discount.

Customers feel like they’re getting X$ for free and Y% off, all while finding a gift to give.


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5. Year in Review - Thank your customers

The year has almost come to an end and what’s a better time to reflect and thank our customers for being there?

“Year in review” is about the service you have provided to your customers.

Let them know that you track their success and remind them that their satisfaction is one of your top priorities.

And because from time to time everybody loves a little bit of flexing, you may also inform them about your achievements, so they know you’re an ambitious brand.

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