High Conversion Rate. It’s every eCommerce merchant’s dream.

But as we like to consider ourselves to be realistic optimists, we regard it as a goal to achieve.

Industry’s average conversion rate is only 2.86%. That means we need concrete strategies to increase the chances of a visitor to convert to a buyer.

And as the title has spoiled it for us, in this blog post we’re going to see how to capitalize on Facebook and design converting retargeting strategies.

1. Track key metrics

Before even starting with remarketing, first, we need to set our metrics straight.

Facebook Pixel and Facebook Conversions API, are the mechanisms to monitor visitors’ activity on our store, and then target them accordingly.

The most important actions to track are:

  • View Content
  • Add To Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Add Payment Info
  • Purchase
These metrics are also helpful for exclusions. We don't want to target people who have previously performed a specific action – even if it wasn't prompted by Facebook.


2. Segment Audience

Having gathered this data, now it’s time to segment the audience based on these actions.

Categorizing potential buyers will help us create more customized and converting ads.

It would be ideal to have several segments, but don’t overdo it!

3. Customize Message & Graphics

No one cares about general solutions.

People want to see the exact product that will cover a very specific need.

And that’s where segmentation comes in. Having categorized potential buyers into groups, we can craft customized ads to hit right in the sweet spot.

The more customized an ad is, the greater its conversion rate.

4. Keep messaging consistent

Keep consistency on top of your mind.

Every interaction with potential customers needs to have a certain message.

People are overstimulated with visual and audio content almost 24/7. Not having a very specific CTA across all channels means nobody is going to remember our brand.

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5. Showcase products they loved

Give people what they want!

Why try to change people’s interests or even force one on them? The data you have gathered should be enough to dictate what type or exact products your visitors love.

If they haven’t completed a purchase yet, make sure to remarket them.

6. Target the audience that is more likely to convert

Don’t waste time and money on visitors that are not potential to make a purchase.

Be very mindful of the actions and segments you’re going to target.

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