Believing that every customer that proceeds to the check out is going to complete the purchase is quite far from reality.

Actually, about 88% of online shopping carts are abandoned a few clicks before the “complete purchase” button.

To effectively start winning your prospect customers back and convert them into buyers, we’ve gathered seven vital email campaigns to test out. The goal is to figure out which one is working best for your brand.

Let’s hit the ground running.

Reminder / Nudge

There are literally a dozen reasons that a visitor abandons a cart before the purchase.

But here, let’s focus on the scenario that your customers left because they needed some more time to make their minds up, or that they wanted to take a look at competitors and then decide whether to return or not.

The most straightforward campaign you could implement is to send a reminder of what they’ve abandoned and display the items they left in their cart.

Make sure to craft attention-grabbing subject lines, such as:

  • You left something behind…
  • Forget something?
  • Where did you go?

Free shipping

Who doesn’t love free shipping? 

Most customers think of shipping costs as extra, unwanted damage that has nothing to add to their overall purchase and experience. 

Cutting on the shipping costs can be the deal maker to make your bounced visitors return to their abandoned carts and complete the purchase.

Make sure your subject line states this awesome opportunity. Some ideas:

  • Did Someone Say FREE Delivery? 
  • Holy ship!
  • Psst… your order ships FREE!

Incentives / Discount 

You might think that customers are aware of the total purchase amount while adding more and more products to their cart, but don’t be surprised to know that things don’t work exactly that way.

Furthermore, extra costs such as shipping costs or tax fees can increase the abandoned cart rate significantly. In fact, about 49% of people abandon their shopping cart because additional charges at checkout were too high.

An effective way to incentivize people that abandoned their products is to offer small discounts - or even better - flash sales, to make them return to your store and proceed with a purchase at a lower cost.

Be loud and clear with your subject lines:

  • Get Them For 15% Off!
  • Here’s your 10% OFF, {{first_name}}!
  • How about 10% OFF your next order?

Urgency / FOMO

One of the strongest emotions that drive human action is the fear of missing out on a great opportunity, especially when it’s available only for a limited time.

Get your potential customers going by explicitly letting them know that the products on their cart are not going to wait for them for too long.

In addition, people usually want to feel superior to their surroundings. That’s why another effective way to convert visitors to buyers is to inform them that other buyers are looking at their products too - and might buy one of the last pieces.

Create urgency with your subject lines: 

  • Your cart is about to expire
  • Your favorite item is almost sold out
  • What others love about (item in the cart)
  • Other shoppers are eyeing (item in the cart)

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Even though in the previous sections we advised you to be explicit with your subject lines, sometimes not telling the whole story can intrigue a recipient to open the email.

The human imagination tends to go wild when presented with an unfinished story. Take advantage of this nature of ours, and ignite their curiosity with vague words or phrases.

Some effective examples are:

  • Oops…
  • So close
  • Wait up!


People thrive on other people’s validation.

One possible reason that your visitors abandoned their cart is that they didn’t feel confident with their choice. 

Let your potential customers know that their choice is indeed the right one to make, just by flattering their taste and style.

Be expressive but don’t overdo it:

  • You’re such a fashionista
  • You have great taste!
  • We love your style

Start turning abandoned carts into successful purchases

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