Have you noticed people posting pictures with your competitors' products, commenting on their social media posts, sharing stories tagging the brand, and whatnot?

Well, that’s probably because your competitors have made these people feel unique and appreciated.

If interested in cultivating a loyal customer base, keep reading for 5+1 money-making ways to say “thank you”.

Send handwritten thank you notes

What are the top 2 factors dictating appreciation? Time invested & uniqueness of the effort.

And direct mail marketing checks both boxes. 

Sending personalized, handwritten thank-yous is a quite cost-effective way to show customers they’re truly appreciated.

Instead of reading one of the dozens of emails they receive during a day, opening a mail and seeing a real human’s (or at least a real human’s lookalike) written words makes people feel special.

It makes them understand that you went off your road and actually put the time to write a message with your own hands. 

Your note doesn’t have to be something fancy or extra. If you make sure it’s personalized and authentic, buyers will understand they’re valued.

Ship a handy gift

On a similar notion, sending a cool gift to your most valuable customers is the epitome of appreciation.

Not just because it’s a foolproof way to stand out from any other brand trying to win your buyers’ loyalty, but because it literally feels more special. 

Even though we live in a digital age, and many products are intangible, humans’ brains are still wired to feel palpable things as more real.

We create a deeper connection with things we can actually see, smell, hear, touch and taste. That’s why you still keep your broken mp4 player from 2006, buried in a random drawer.

Pick a small product that’s either included in your inventory or it’s exclusive to VIP buyers and send it over as a gift.

Make sure it’s something related to your brand and that your shoppers would buy it themselves too.

Promote a thank you discount

Giving the chance to your buyers to save some bucks, euros, or quids while shopping for their favorite products, is a universally-understood way to say “thanks a lot for your trust”.

People just can’t have enough of the feeling a sweet deal emits. It’s quite addictive. You get the value you were looking for, but for less money.

Offering an exclusive coupon code or putting selected items on discount for your most loyal and big spending buyers is a surefire way to get an inch closer to their hearts.

Plus, this approach is actually a win-win situation. Why? Because it’s a way to boost both loyalty and revenue. 

Buyers receive the discount, they feel happy, they make an order, and you feel happy. Two birds with one stone.

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Offer free shipping

Let’s be real for a minute. There’s not a single person in the entire universe who likes shipping costs. Really.

People can’t seem to understand that sending a package to their door doesn’t happen with a free magic spell. 

They just want to have their order delivered to their doorsteps, no-expenses-included.

So, by offering free shipping you become their fairy godparent, helping them receive their order wherever they want, for free.

If paying for their shipping costs is something unsustainable for your brand, you can place a minimum order limit. 

“Tim, thanks for rarely cheating on us. Here’s free shipping for your next X$ or bigger order”. It works amazingly. 

Feature customers on your blog or social media

Not ready to include “customer appreciation” in your business budget? That’s okay. 

There are other, more budget-friendly means to make shoppers brag about being your customer.

One that’s free and great for your brand too, is showcasing their user-generated content on your blog, product page, and social media.

People love getting their 15 minutes of fame and becoming one-day influencers. They’ll feel that they're not “just another ID number on a list” and will get the message that you appreciate their preference in your brand.

Have a “customers’ stories spotlight” and encourage shoppers to share with you their experiences before and after using your products.

This approach also provides the needed social proof for new shoppers to trust your brand. So once again, both parties get what they’re looking for.

Bonus: Segment rewards

And here comes the bonus time. 

It goes without saying that having all your buyers feel special and appreciated is like having an army of people ready to go to battle for you (at least on their social media). 

To achieve this goal, the most effective and low-cost way is to segment rewards based on specific metrics.

The most important metrics to track for each customer are:

  • Average Order Value
  • Purchase Frequency
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Once you gather and process these metrics, you want to segment your audience and reward buyers accordingly. 

Shoppers that have a greater value for your company, meaning that they have a high Average Order Value or a high Purchase Frequency, should receive a greater gift in comparison to One-Time Shoppers.

This way, everyone feels appreciated without feeling that their unique value is being ignored. 

Plus, at the end of the day, we all love a little bit of flexing.

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