The holidays are just around the corner. For eCommerce businesses, this an excellent time (and opportunity) to provide holiday discounts and launch bombshell campaigns that get people buying and doubling your profits.

We’re not trying to be a buzzkill. But there are some things sellers should keep in mind when designing a discount model or campaign so you don’t lose your shirt. 

How Much of a Discount?

So, giving a discount on Cyber Monday and Black Friday is a great idea, no matter how premium your brand positioning is. However, the discount percentage you set is also an important indicator of success. 

Your sale should feel like a sale. Your buyers should feel like they are getting a great deal. So, make sure you give at least a 20% discount on your products. Otherwise, customers might think they could have gotten a 10% discount by signing up through email.

However, if your Average Order Value is over 500, you can get away with less than a 20% discount.

Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) Deals

If you can’t give at least a 20% or 30% discount, consider implementing a ‘Buy One Get One’ or ‘Spend And Save’ model. 

Now, there are several ways to go about this. For example, ‘Buy 2, get 50% off or ‘Spend $300 and get a gift valuing $180.’ Or just the classic, buy 2, get one free offer can also be cost-effective for you and valuable for your customers.

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The Importance Of Storytelling

Storytelling increases brand favorability within your audience and can be more memorable than just stating facts — up to 22x more.

So, when launching your holiday campaign, adding oomph in the form of a moving storyline can make all the difference. A great example would be Apple’s 2013 Christmas commercial titled, ‘Misunderstood.’

The Holidays are the Most Profitable Time of the Year

You might be doing your part, but you have to look the part too. Our experienced eCommerce team at Cartlyfts can design a holiday-inspired responsive design for your website according to your specifications. 

Schedule a time to talk with us at your earliest convenience and let’s come up with something memorable together.