You’ve developed an online store, you’ve invested money in bringing in visitors, but it turns out that most of them bounce without a purchase. What’s next?

We know that it’s very frustrating to experience a high bounce rate. In fact, lowering your bounce rate is vital for your store because otherwise, you’re in danger of closing down. No profit, no business.

To help you figure out the possible bottlenecks in your store, we’ve collected the five most-impactful conversion killers in eCommerce. Read our blog post and then perform a thorough Conversion Rate Optimization analysis of your store to identify the leaking cracks.

1. Slow Loading Speed

Let’s kick it off with CRO fundamentals. Slow loading speed is a major reason that visitors abandon a store without even browsing it. 

In fact, about 1 out of 4 customers quits a website due to a long loading time. Ideally, you want to make your store load in less than 3 seconds, as about 40% of people wouldn’t wait much longer.

To get a greater grasp of its importance, websites with a loading time of less than 2 seconds experience a bounce rate of about 9%, and sites that load in 5 seconds see their bounce rate skyrocket to 38%.

2. Bad UI/UX

Have you ever walked in a brick and mortar store, where you needed to acrobat your way through the aisles, or you had to have a map to locate the products you were looking for? 

If not, you’re lucky. But if you’ve lived this experience we bet that you just wanted to get out as soon as possible. The exact same thought pops up in your visitors’ minds when your store is difficult to navigate.

Improve the UI/UX design of your store by:

  • Keeping the aesthetics simple
  • Avoiding to use intense colors
  • Leveraging high-quality photos
  • Creating functioning buttons
  • Grouping up your products 
  • Asking customers for feedback

3. Not mobile-friendly store

As a crucial factor for a good UI/UX, a mobile-optimized online store is fundamental for an eCommerce business to be successful nowadays. In 2021, about 72,9% of all eCommerce sales happened on mobile. That’s a huge number. 

Furthermore, about 30% of mobile shoppers abandon their cart, if the navigation is way too hard to perform on mobile. It’s crystal clear that if you don’t want to keep losing customers for a seamless reason, you should optimize your store to be as easily used on mobile devices as on desktop. 

4. Mandatory registration for purchase

A visitor lands on your store, browses easily to find the product he/she wants, adds it to the cart, and once it’s time for checkout, a prompt shows up saying “Log in or Register to check out”. Guess what’s happening right away. Most visitors would simply bounce.

In fact, about 25% of shoppers abandon their carts due to a mandatory registration process. So basically, if your store demands new customers to create an account before purchasing a product, you’re hindering your conversion rate.

To improve your checkout process and make bump up the conversion rate, you should make the account creation optional by letting customers “shop as a guest”. After they’ve completed their purchase, give incentives to create an account, like to join a loyalty program or claim free shipping on their first order. 

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5. Not enough product reviews

A lot of times, social proof is the deal maker for buyers. Your products may be unrivaled and of the highest quality, but a significant percentage of people wouldn’t buy them unless they've read genuine people's experiences with them. 

And we can’t really blame them for that. Customers feel more confident purchasing items that others have tried as well. So, publishing customer reviews, and user-generated content is a very effective way to showcase the trust in your products and lower your bounce rate.

Where to start with lowering your bounce rate

The first and most important step for decreasing your store’s bounce rate is to identify the stage where your customers abandon your store. Take a deep dive at your analytics and identify the one page in your store that has the highest bounce rate. 

Then, perform a CRO analysis to identify the possible bottlenecks, causing buyers to bounce. Once you've located the issues, work actively on improving them with A/B tests or simply book a free call to discuss how we could help you soar your conversion rate.