UK-based gourmet coffee subscription service, Blue Coffee Box, is run by a father-son duo, Harvey and Jon Butt, and they’ve had an exciting journey. 

We’ll break down how home-based eCommerce businesses can learn from Blue Coffee’s effective subscription model to grow their brands, too.

How They Started

Blue Coffee Box is the only subscription service in the UK to offer ethically-sourced gourmet coffee packed in 100% compostable packaging. In addition, they provide hand-roasted coffee made weekly by over 300 of the best artisan roasters from across the UK.

The business came about when Jon realized this gap in the UK coffee subscription market while traveling in America. He pitched the idea to his son, and together they set up this service.

Let Inspiration Take Over

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report from 2019 stated that over 44.5% of UK-based entrepreneurs fear failure. However, Jon didn’t let fear take over his ambition of starting a business he was passionate about. 

Current and budding eCommerce entrepreneurs can learn from this and see how trusting the process and believing in themselves, and their product, is all they need. Couple that up with some market research, and you have the perfect recipe for a successful start-up.

What Sets Them Apart

Subscription models are not new, and neither is the ability to order gifts online. However, Blue Coffee Box leverages the trend of gift-giving (which has been more prevalent due to the pandemic) and provides it as an easy and affordable subscription.

Unintentionally Eco-friendly

With growing environmental awareness, more consumers are conscious about whether their online purchases are eco-friendly. And, even though BCB does not advertise itself as a green company, their packaging indeed is.

Their packaging is compostable, but not in the traditional way. Usually, compostable packaging takes ten years to break down. However, they offer packaging that can break down almost instantly. It costs them 2.5 times the cost of standard packaging, but makes them stand out as a company doing its part in preserving the environment.

Let’s Establish and Grow Your eCommerce Business

There is a lot to learn from this venture. But, what’s the point of learning if you won’t implement it? Schedule a call with us and let’s discuss how to make your eCommerce business dream a reality.