Apple recently introduced the Mail Privacy Protection feature that hides recipients' IP address, location, and whether they’ve opened the email or not.

The sharp rise in cybercrimes has compelled people to think about the safety of their information online. To put users at ease, Apple has introduced the Mail Privacy Protection Feature that hides the recipient's IP address.

The Implications Of Apple's Mail Privacy Protection Feature

As great as this might sound for consumers concerned for their online safety, what does this mean for marketers? 

This new feature makes it nearly impossible for marketers to track consumer behavior. Bummer. And, given that Apple's email app is used by over 48% of the entire global email client market, this can be a big problem for sellers trying to grow their business and reach the right consumers.

Conversions and Clicks

It's interesting to note that email service providers can embed a tiny piece of code within emails to track when the recipient opens the mail, their location, and more. 

But now, Apple users can choose the 'Protect Mail Activity' option, which stops email senders from tracking their activity. Furthermore, this feature hides the recipient's location and instead provides a standard IP address that can only be traced back to the email servers. 

This means trouble for marketers because now they get inconclusive data about the actual activities of their audiences. This, in turn, could severely impact how email marketing campaigns are used as a part of digital marketing strategies. 

Still, this does not mean that email will no longer be an effective marketing medium. 

Even if open rates are inaccurate, they aren't the most vital metric. Also, instead of tracking open rates, marketers can use conversions and clicks to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

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Impact on Customer Data

Privacy measures have been getting stricter, and marketers have had to focus on first-party data. Instead of identifying customer preferences and behaviour through network tracking, businesses have better chances of learning about their consumers directly.

Potential customers engage with brands through push notifications, video, sales calls, SMS, and more, rather than just email. So using all these other metrics can give marketers a better idea of the customer's preferences than the standard open-rate metric. 

Moreover, these additional marketing avenues and methods encourage merchants to gather more conclusive customer data. Result? A more robust, and quite possibly, more effective marketing campaign.

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