In the past, unboxing experience did not matter at all, but after the emergence of seasonal packaging, unboxing experience got a lot of hype.

Later, when YouTube content creators, started making videos about their unboxing experience.

It became a vital marketing tool.

Today’s world is all about social media, so when you make packaging, make sure that it is worthy of posting on a social media platform, and you are good to go.

Free Sampling

Most business ignore the importance of free sampling.

When you send free samples with the existing order, it encourages your client to buy more from you, and if they like the sample product, they might order more of it.

Most marketers offer discounts and offers to customers to retain them, but free sampling will be an additional fruitful step in customer retention. A free sample will help you in building brand loyalty.

In addition, it will give a chance to your customer to know about your new product.

Sampling is the most effective way to increase your conversions. However, the only way to make it successful is by adding call-to-action with it.

You can add a discount coupon in the packaging with the sample.

You will notice that it will give you better results than only providing a coupon or a sample alone.

Personal Notes for the Customers

When you talk about the unboxing, the high-end brands always make sure that they put a handwritten note inside their box so that the customer feels special.

A handwritten note will show gratitude.

When you show a customer that they are singular, it gives you a psychological benefit.

In the case of late order delivery, a handwritten note will display apology, but it will calm the customer.

Being in a retail business is very difficult because you not only need to compete with other retailers but also deal with the customers who might defame your product.

A handwritten note is an excellent marketing tool in that case too, and it will help you can use to regain such customers.

You can send a PR package to them and write a handwritten note that you apologise for the lousy service. A handwritten note will be more personal and exciting.

Currently, not many brands do a handwritten letter, which means if you send a written note; you will automatically stand out from the other brands.

Kylie cosmetics were the first-ever brand to give handwritten letters to all her customers to show gratitude to her buyers.

Put Logo on your Boxes

Your delivery box needs to have your logo on it. It will leave a memorable impression on the buyer, and it will maintain your brand aesthetics, which will tell a lot about your brand.

Most customers post pictures of their order, so if the box has your logo on it will attract more customers.

Many brands put their logo on the stickers that they use to wrap the product, increasing the aesthetics of your brand.

It will also portray a positive image of your brand. It will make your brand look more professional, reputed.

The logo on the box will make people recognize your brand better. However, overuse of the logo can destroy an unboxing experience and aesthetics. You must ensure that your logo size fits perfectly on the box and does not look extra.

Try to be More Artistic

As I mentioned above that the current world is all about social media presence.

To have a social media presence, you need to make sure that your packing is very artistic.

An artistic packaging will get you an online post on the customer’s account. The customer will buy more from you for the sake of getting the experience again.

If you are a high-end brand, you especially need to invest in some interest and artistic packaging.

A decent packaging will make your customers feel more special and make them feel like they spent their money in the right place.

Your packaging should look expensive and valuable.

When you design an eye-catching packaging, you need to make sure the packaging suits your product.

For example, Thelma’s online bakery delivers their cookies in a box that looks like a stovetop with oven, which seems super exciting and ads a lot to the unboxing experience.

Last year elf PR unboxing was gaining a lot of attention for the reason it had a tiny fridge in the packaging. People not only found it attractive, but it was also very functional.

Make full use of the box

The inside of your box is a lovely space that you can utilize for anything. You can use the inside of the flap and write what your brand identity is.

Alternatively, you can put instructions to use the product. Alternatively, you can set the handwritten note on the flap, or you can also add some artistic value to the flap.

You can also put make a pocket on the flap and put coupons and brand stickers in it.

Many brands just simply put their logo on it or an inspirational quote related to the product.

Minimal Packaging

Today’s world is all about going green.

More people are into green products and eco-friendly packaging.

When online shopping was becoming more common, many people started rising an issue that the packaging that online stores give is not harming nature.

For this reason, many stores moved towards minimal packaging and using less plastic in the packaging. Many people started using shreds on paper rather than plastic bubble wrap.

The brands that delivered in extravagant packaging started delivering with minimal boxes like glossier.

Glossier now uses a minimal box with bold colors to make their name pop on the box.

Wrap up

YouTube has made unboxing a critical part of delivery now.

Many customers link the quality of a product and brand with their unboxing experience.

The unboxing experience is becoming very popular day by day. Your unboxing expertise will let you gain more customers.

It will build excitement, and it can be your standing out point in the market. These days, everybody is working on their experience so that they get a shout out on their customer’s social media.

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