The holidays are over.

But what happens with your holidays’ customers? Were your Christmas campaigns just a firework to boost your sales before the end of the year?

If so, then you’re losing a big opportunity to turn these seasonal shoppers into repeat buyers.

Keep reading if you want to know how to achieve this.

Lure into loop

It’s more impactful than you could imagine having buyers subscribe to your newsletter.

Upcoming or new drops, flash sales, or limited stock are some of the news your buyers would be interested in.

Having the opt-in to contact them via email or SMS is what’s going to increase the chances of them buying again from your store.

Offer small discounts to lure them into the loop.

Invest in post-purchase experience

The customer journey shouldn’t end after a purchase.

Especially when you want to retain the buyer.

Design a post-purchase flow that will notify them about their order status or possible shipping delays. Keep them engaged after the package delivery, sharing valuable related content or company news.

Post-purchase experience is a crucial decision-making factor for people to buy from your store again. The better it is, the higher the chances of creating a loyal customer.

Have a Loyalty Program

Humans love incentives, and guess what - your buyers are humans!

A Loyalty Program turns purchases into double wins. The more they buy, the more they are rewarded.

You can test either a flat loyalty program - meaning to offer the same benefits to all your customers or a tiered loyalty program - meaning to have scaling levels of loyalty, with scaling-value gifts.

Rewards could be generous discounts, early-access to drops, bundle offers, or free shipping.

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Request & Reward UGC

Who doesn’t love to be showcased by a brand? Even more when there’s a prize to it?

Once buyers have received their new products, there's an awesome opportunity to request a review, alongside a photo of them using the specific item.

You can send a personalized email or SMS and ask sincerely what they think of the product, the purchase process, or the packaging design.

Reaching out for feedback will make them see that you’re interested in providing a great experience and feel they are taken care of.

In addition, providing a small gift for their contribution is exactly what’s going to imprint your brand on your buyers’ minds.

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