Let me start by telling you that I do NOT know the answer and I am not even sure if there is actually a ‘one-size-fits-all’ respond.

However, if you want to read reflections on this debatable topic from a fellow drop shipper then keep reading!

As I said before there is not a single answer to the main question buying or not a course. However, there are ways to approach it and conclude based on your current situation.

Everything depends on how patient you are and what is actually that you want to achieve.

Let’s now dive in and classify the categories of people interested in a drop shipping business which will help me break down the decision making process.


beginner is considered the guy or girl who has recently heard about the drop shipping business model and its potential, has never had any hands-on experience with e-commerce or digital marketing and kind of tries to decide if that’s something that should move into or not. Could also be someone, that has already built (after watching a ton of videos on youtube) his/her first store but still has not managed to get this ‘must share’ first sale!

So, if you are the type of beginner who wants to jump in, test the waters and see if you can make some additional income from drop shipping , you want fast results and you are definitely not willing to spend time learning by yourselves through youtube or any other online free resources (which is totally fine), then i’d recommend that you should probably buy a course which will give you the foundations of this business model and some initial steps that you if take action and follow you will probably see some results faster.

However, if you are a beginner who wants to figure out stuff by yourself, maybe because that’s your way of learning or because you see e-commerce as your future career you may want to avoid buying a course and invest this money on actually running the business and learning from your mistakes on a daily basis (and believe me there will be a ton of them).

There’s no right or wrong answer.

2. Intermediates

Iconsider an intermediate drop shippers, people like me who already have found some sort of success meaning have already had a couple of thousands in revenue, or have already built several stores where you do get sales, though you struggle to move forward and build a consistent profit generation.

Similarly, the answer to the question buying or not a course depends on your patience and what is actually you want to achieve.

If you have the mental and the economic capacity to persevere and keep testing different strategies and/or products until you find what’s the ones that work for you then continue doing it and don’t buy a course, invest everything straight back to your actual business operations.

On the other hand, and that’s crucial pay attention, if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel that everything you’ve tried doesn’t work, if you feel that drop shipping is a scam and it’s not gonna work for you or if you feel that even though you do everything correctly something is missing, then please please go ahead find a solid course that teaches the stuff you need to move on and buy it. Buying the course will firstly fire you up emotionally (i guess) and then will teach you everything you lacked for moving to the next level.

BUT please don’t quit now, you’re close!

3. Successful

Last category is the successful entrepreneur. I refer to you who have already hit some big numbers on revenues and profits but you are still hungry to evolve, scale your businesses to the moon and you still believe you haven’t reached your full potential.

You may wonder why you guys should spend your valuable time wondering whether or not you should buy a course or join a mastermind session, which makes sense of course because you’ve already (made it). But let me tell you that you should do, because struggle and competition in every industry never end, and if you’re not willing to constantly improve then chances are that the time that your business will face issues will eventually arise.

Especially for this category, I’d say that you guys should invest the fastest you can into a more detailed course or any legit mastermind session because they can literally provide you a single tip that can help your business hit and overcome the next milestone.

Again, I am not there YET, but I do feel that if you are ambitious, which is 100% true for any successful entrepreneur, then you invest happily in anything that helps your business move to the next level. At least this is what I’m gonna do!

Invest back into your business, as much as possible i’d say.

Lastly, some food for thought for those that you haven’t yet found success (including me of course). We usually tend to believe that those who already are at the next level that we aspire to be, have figured everything out and they don’t face any problems at all. Well, that’s a big crap and i do believe that the bigger the success the bigger the problems that come along.

So, don’t think that when we hit those big numbers that we dream of we will then lay on a beach all day long enjoying tropical cocktails, because is far away from the reality. 🙂

I hope that I gave you some useful insights on whether or not you should invest on a course. I am interested to see your own thoughts on this topic as well.

I am super passionate for e-commerce and modern day communication and I will try to share my thoughts on them once a week.

Take care. 🙂

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