Sometimes, running an online business feels like shooting in the dark, especially if you’re the new kid on the eCommerce block. Is your pricing right? Is there a big enough demand for your offerings? Ohh, look! A shiny diamond SKU. 

If you want to be a successful Shopify merchant, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Find out where and with what some of the best-selling merchants in your niche are having the most success on Shopify

How to do it? That’s right — spying. 

So, take a sip of that Vesper, 007. These top Shopify sales spy tools will make your life as an eCommerce merchant way easier and you happier. 

Shopify spy tools: Who are your biggest competitors anyway?

There are over 1 million Shopify stores in 175 countries. That’s a lot of noise to sift through. Knowing who your biggest competitors are will help you narrow the field. The best Shopify spy tool for this is free, and everyone knows its name. 

It’s Google. Yep, just Google. 

Type in + your target keyword or phrase and see what shows up on the search results page. 

For example: Bucket Hat

Another spy tool you can use to identify your top competitors is Xpareto. In addition to determining your top competitors, Xpareto also lets you spy on your top Shopify competitors based on keywords specifically. 

For example, you can find rank, traffic numbers, Facebook campaigns data, and links to your competition’s best-selling products with Xpareto. 

Best Shopify spy tool for rankings

Moz Link Explorer is the perfect spy tool for finding out your top competitors’ domain authority rankings and keyword data. The reports you get from Moz will tell you:

  • Competitor domain rank from a scale of 1 (not good) to 100 (excellent)
  • Number of inbound and external links on competitor sites
  • Best-ranked keywords (top 50)
  • Keyword link data

This is an excellent tool for finding out where you are compared to the top merchants in your field. But it also offers a wealth of data on ranking keywords. 

So, why is that important? 

Combining valuable keyword ranking data can help you uncover subcategory opportunities for keywords you can capitalize on and use to increase your website traffic. 

Facebook ads spying tools

Gone are the days when spying on your competitors’ Facebook ads required a master’s degree and an invisibility cloak. Facebook has made ads info accessible to anyone. Just head on over to your competitor’s Facebook page, and scroll down to info and ads. 

Voila! Now you can see what active ad campaigns they’re running on Facebook, Insta, and Messenger. You can also see when they created their page, if and when it was edited, and where the page managers are located. 

Social Ad Scout for spying on Facebook

Not sure why your competitor’s ads are working and how you can copy their winning social media strategies? What you need is an ad spy tool that’ll help you do just that. Enter Social Ad Scout, one of the top social media spying tools available. 

What’s so great about it? With Social Ad Scout, you can uncover your competitor’s ad strategies and up your social media game. 

The tool enables you to search all social media channels and uncover the most successful ads on Facebook, Google, Youtube, and more. 

Through Social Ad Scout, you can discover and access social ads anywhere in the world. Figure out the best trending ads and copy their winning formulas for your own eCommerce success. 

Mine for shiny diamond SKUs

Knowing the top-selling products in your industry is a must for running a profitable Shopify business. To achieve this objective, what you need to do is mine for diamond SKUs.

Diamond SKUs are the best-selling items sold in Shopify stores. Good news! Diamond SKUS are easy to uncover. 

Type in the Shopify store URL. Then, add /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling. Your competitor’s best-sellers will display on the next page, complete with categories and other valuable bits of data you can use to your advantage. 

The most valuable thing you can learn via diamond SKUs is what’s not selling on Amazon

With this information, you can uncover massive opportunities for your store. For example, if you know what’s not selling on Amazon, you can either develop a similar product line or sell your already-made line of offerings on the eCommerce giant. 

Also, by uncovering your top competitor’s diamond SKUs, you can use their current success as inspiration for future products or tweak current products already in development. 

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