1. Happy Birthday!

The birthday anniversary email is the most fundamental one. It’s an awesome campaign to show your customers that you think of them and care about this special day.

The campaign can be sent either on the specific day, or the week of your shoppers’ birthday, with a warm, yet funny message to wish them a happy birthday. 

Of course, alongside the heartfelt note, you should include a coupon code, a bundle sale, or free shipping, as a gift to celebrate another round around the Sun with a cool purchase from your store.

If you’re skeptical about its performance, just know that birthday emails generate a 481% higher conversion rate and 342% higher revenue per email than any other campaign, according to Experian.

How the hell are you going to know your customers’ birthday? We’re glad you asked. Try collecting their birth date once they are opt-in for your newsletter as a part of your welcome series. 

Let them know that you’re going to send them a gift once this special day comes, so they have an incentive to share their personal information.

2. Purchase Anniversary

What’s the day that connects your brand with a customer? The day of their first purchase indeed. So, why not have a small celebration about it?

People are always searching for triggers to buy something that makes them feel good about themselves. The “purchase anniversary” email covers this exact need.

It reminds them of the first time they trusted your store, offering a legitimate reason to make a brand new purchase.

To provide a stronger purchase motive, don’t forget to include an exclusive sale, a customized bundle of their favorite products or cover the shipping costs. Apart from incentives, they work as a thank-you token to your shoppers as well.

If you want to dig a little deeper, a cool idea would be to attach a product recommendation catalog, based on their most frequent past purchases. Try including complementary or similar products to boost the order’s value.

3. Newsletter Anniversary

What’s another day that links your buyers with your brand? You guessed it right, it’s the day they subscribed to your newsletter.

If you believe that it’s not an important occasion to remember, think of this. In essence, signing up for a newsletter is giving permission to a brand to interrupt your day with potentially interesting content or sales.

Furthermore, an easier activity than subscribing is unsubscribing. Your customers are being bombarded with dozens of emails per day. So, for a buyer to stay on your list, means they like your brand. Sending an anniversary discount indicates you appreciate them for that.

Some nice rewards would be to opt them in for a VIP list for new drops, send a referral link to get a small discount, or offer free shipping at X purchase cost. 

4. Highlight key moments

This one is a little bit trickier, but it’s a campaign that will show your customers that you really care about them.

The main idea is to have an account rollup or a highlight reel of last year's key purchases. These could be orders with more than 3 products, the most frequent purchases or their favorite product. 

Another idea could be to demonstrate the month with more orders or the two purchases with the least time in between them. The more information you have about your buyers’ purchase history, the more targeted this campaign can be. 

Once we remind them of these happy moments, why not prompt them to do another purchase? “The anniversary purchase”! Create bundles with their most frequently bought products with a coupon code or offer shipping discount on their next order.

Implement these campaigns and boost customer loyalty

Your customers will be super happy that you reminded them of these happy moments and offered all these rewards. These are the fundamentals of building a loyal customer base that trusts your brand over and over.

Dive in your data, get creative with your copy and design, and start setting campaigns that will surprise and delight your buyers.