Tweaking your sales funnel to achieve maximum engagement and benefits can be done by bringing your products to the limelight at various stages of the sales process.

A strategy to make higher sales and return customers that involves showcasing multiple additional options to your customers at the time of checkout or product selection is a commonly used tactic.

This strategy is known as upselling your customers and can be utilized at various sales funnel stages.

Shopify offers several plugins and apps that are designed for this specific purpose.

From highlighting certain products on your store or providing options for choosing items that are frequently bought together, my selection of the top five Shopify upsell apps will boost your sales and increase your earning.

InCart Upsell (by InCart Upsell)

This app takes a new approach to upselling by gently suggesting additional products to your customers at the cart page.

The app uses an AI-based usage tracking algorithm that considers the type of products viewed by the customers that visit your eCommerce store and suggests similar products to them during checkout.

The app also keeps a tag on the type of products that customers place in their cart and can be used to target a specific product of your choice or to offer discounts/coupons and related products.

The app provides an avenue of targeted marketing that integrates seamlessly into the sales process at the terminal stage of the customer journey, which encourages your visitors’ fast decisions and consideration.

LimeSpot Personalizer (by LimeSpot)

This app is designed to offer your customers a personalized experience while factoring in marketing essential and analytics.

The app can be deployed to mobile and the web on multiple websites.

It provides a visual editor that can help you design interactive product pages that automate the personalization and marketing process.

The app takes data from each visitor’s preferences and automatically learns behaviors over time, making the suggesting and marketing process more refine as time goes by.

The app also offers A/B/n testing capabilities that allow you to experiment with various combinations of design and features to effectively optimize your sales process.

The app is free-to-install and offers tier-based subscription packages based on an evaluation of your store’s monthly income.

Ultimate Special Offers (by Pixel Union)

This app is branded as an all-in-one sales solution that aims to combine your requirements at every step of the sales funnel with additional functionality and customizability.

It allows users to create special offers that are displayed to customers that visit an eCommerce store. The types of suggestions that can be created with the app include:

· Discount — offer discounts on specific products

· BOGO (Buy One, Get One) — offer another product at a discount along with a purchase

· Bulk — offer a percentage of fixed discount for bulk orders

· Bundle — offer customers a discount on purchasing specific items together

· Volume — offer increasing discounts based on the quantity of order

· Goal — offer discounts on spending a set amount of money in the store

· Gift — offer customers bonuses based on order thresholds, etc.

· Upsell/Cross-sell — show customers similar or better products at checkout

SMART Bundle Upsell (by Skup)

This app offers a specialized take on generating upsells by using analytics and data received from customers.

The app takes note of the products presently selected in your customer’s carts and data related to the device they use to access your site.

It then generates user-friendly and targeted upsell offers and displays then conveniently to your customers at various stages of their purchase cycle.

It includes gamification features that use an interactive strategy to generate upsells and conversions by increasing customer retention and engagement with your site.

It incorporates elements of points and rewards that can be redeemed for discounts at your store and uses this technique to drive sales and upsells intuitively and smoothly.

Frequently Bought Together (by Code Black Belt)

This app combines various sales-focused features into a single app that can drive sales and conversions quickly and effectively.

The app’s primary focus is to offer Amazon-style product recommendations to your customers in the form of individual products or bundles, combining offers such as discounts on bundle purchases and other such incentives to encourage upsells.

The app uses data from various sources such as the presently viewed page, items in the cart, and wish list items to create recommendations based on the interests of your visitors, incorporates them at various stages of the sales process to increase customer retention, engagement, and conversion.

Recommended products are displayed alongside product pages or as a sidebar while the customer is viewing your shop.

Multiple offers can be combined to create a successful sales strategy with the app.

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Driving sales and conversions means more profit and better performance for your eCommerce store.

Intuitive solutions such as those provided by the apps listed above can bring a much-needed energy boost to your eCommerce online store by using smart tactics and strategies.

Please have a look at the list above and try them out on your site to find the one that works best for your needs.

Please share your experience with each of these apps in the comments section below and tell me which one worked best for your store.

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