Okay, we’ve all got that weirdo relative we only engage with on the holidays when we’re practically forced to do it. Do you treat your customers like that, only touching base with them every once in a while? Say it ain’t so. You’ve got to run eCommerce marketing campaigns consistently.

The average marketing campaign lasts about 45 days. While short-duration campaigns have their place, longer campaigns can drive massive business growth for your Shopify store. 

Let’s dive into the top reasons to run a yearly marketing campaign for an eCommerce website and how to use year-round marketing campaigns to grow your business. 

They see you scrollin’. They hatin’.

Why run longer eCommerce marketing campaigns?

Short on cash for your marketing budget? Short-duration marketing campaigns typically require a higher cash outlay upfront. But longer campaigns don’t. 

Long marketing campaigns also allow you to capitalize on organic interactions, which naturally take time. When executed for products that make up the meat and potatoes of your business, year-round marketing campaigns are the way to go. 

  • Year-long marketing campaigns are more affordable than blitz marketing campaigns. 
  • Running a protracted campaign is ideal for increasing brand loyalty and brand identity. 
  • A long-duration eCommerce marketing campaign helps build a community around your brand and improves customer relations. 

Okay, so what are the downsides to running longer campaigns? 

  • Long marketing campaigns will give you a ton of data for analysis. This can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure what to do with it. 
  • Year-long campaigns can be tedious since you’re working toward a long-term goal where the payoff isn’t always immediate. 
  • Year-long marketing campaigns require supervision for max ROI. 

Really, you want the best of both worlds. Keep a year-long marketing campaign humming along in the background. But punctuate the calendar throughout the year with shorter marketing initiatives for promoting flash sales or seasonal offerings. 

When to use year-long eCommerce marketing campaigns for Shopify

Knowing how long to run a marketing campaign boils down to the specific eCommerce metrics you want to analyze. But keep in mind that any multi-channel, short campaigns you’ll be running should be aligned with your year-round, core marketing campaign. 

You want to continually collect data and leads. 

Humans often run on gut feelings and emotions. But for running a successful eCommerce biz, you need access to data to make informed business decisions.

Data collection allows you to see when and which products are trending. In turn, this can inform your short marketing campaigns that you run to promote a specific seasonal product. 

Also, collecting qualified leads throughout the year will give you a larger, more targeted list for running a short-duration email marketing campaign and give it the maximum chance of success. 

Consider using a set it and forget it year-round marketing campaign to also collect leads and data. This could be something like hosting an eBook download with evergreen content on your site that you promote across multiple channels. 

To increase customer engagement and feedback.

A year-round marketing campaign can give you an excellent channel for collecting customer feedback and boosting engagement. 

Have you ever run a short marketing campaign, like a contest? If so, then you know how well this type of short marketing campaign generates a lot of positive feedback and interaction from customers. A longer campaign can also drive feedback and engagement — continuously. 

eCommerce brands that run marketing campaigns all year will see increased engagement from their fans. The campaign gives your audience more and consistent chances to interact with your offerings, which leads me to my next point:

Boost your eCommerce growth

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For continuous awareness

The online marketplace is crowded, and people’s attention is being pulled in many directions all at once. As a business owner, you want to keep your brand at the top of people’s awareness. One way to do that is through a year-long marketing campaign. 

Many companies do an excellent job of running short campaigns to promote a seasonal offering, like candy for the holidays. But think of all the times during the year where you have a hankering for candy. Chances are, your cravings and desires for certain products aren’t limited to a specific timeframe.  

Even if you promote seasonal products, keeping your brand and offerings at the forefront of the customer’s mind all year can increase your brand awareness and your profits. Over half of surveyed consumers will buy products from brands they know and trust instead of taking a risk and purchasing from a new company. 

Running year-long eCommerce marketing campaigns: The bottom line.

Consistent marketing helps increase brand familiarity. A consistent, year-long marketing campaign will keep your Shopify store and products front-and-center with your customer base and target audience. 

But, you need a clear understanding of the metrics for a marketing campaign and how long you should run it to get the maximum bang for your buck. Remember to freshen up your message as necessary with long-duration marketing campaigns and regularly interact with your customers. 

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