Email Marketing is a key success factor for any eCommerce business.

To complete their first transaction, first-time customers must return to your online store at least 4 times within a one-month period.

There are 2 main ways you can bring them back. Paid ads and Email Marketing. This week we're talking about the second option.

In our new episode, we sat down with Adam Kitchen, CEO of Magnet Monster.

We talked about:

  • Is Email Marketing dead?
  • Where should new online merchants start with Email Marketing? 
  • The top 5 email automations that every eCommerce brand should have up and running
  • What types of A/B tests should merchants implement within these flows?
  • The most important segments each brand should create
  • When should we consider a subscriber as active and inactive?
  • How to avoid being flagged as spam
  • How to build a good sender reputation


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