Headless eCommerce is an emerging trend in web development and especially in the eCommerce world.

It's a development approach that makes the front-end presentation layer of a website independent from the back-end functionality.

You could design s high-quality front-end interface and then connect it with an eCommerce solution for the backend needs of your online store with a plug-in.

To further investigate Headless eCommerce potential, we sat down with Anton Komorow.

In the episode we discussed:

  • What is Headless eCommerce?
  • What are the benefits of Headless eCommerce for the merchants?
  • What does Headless eCommerce mean for the end consumer? Does this impact their experience in any way? 
  • Any reasons to avoid Headless eCommerce
  • How to get started with Headless eCommerce and Shopify


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