While the probability of selling to a new visitor is 5-20%, the probability of selling to existing customers is 60-70%. That's a huge difference.

Upselling to an existing customer is cheaper than getting a first-time buyer and it's a great way to increase the Customer Lifetime Value of your leads.

In our new episode, we got in touch with Chen Zissu, founder of Zissu LTD - Shopify Experts, to discuss Upselling and how to get started with.

Episode topics:

  • The 3 key benefits of offering upsells
  • The difference between upselling and cross-selling
  • How do I start with upselling? What should I do first?
  • Are there any specific criteria to take into consideration when choosing which products to upsell?
  • The best time to present the upsell
  • Upsell strategies that are proven to work for other merchants
  • What should merchants avoid doing when starting out with upsells & cross-sells?


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