Covid-19 hit & hurt the majority of businesses.

But one of the industries that actually boomed through it was eCommerce.

People stayed inside and the comfort of shopping from your bedroom became pretty popular.

As we move forward and leave this crisis behind us, there are certain things that all eCommerce businesses should take care of, to keep their growth in the post-pandemic era.

I sat down with Adam Pearce, CEO of Blend Commerce to discuss the next steps online merchants should take.

In the episode we discussed:

  • Some of the key lessons the pandemic taught us about eCommerce and business in general
  • Post-pandemic: where is eCommerce heading?
  • The power of subscription business models
  • What are some key decisions business owners have to make when it comes to transitioning? 
  • What are some differentiating factors for successful subscription businesses?
  • What’s the current best performing channel in terms of generating revenue for subscription brands?
  • Any upcoming untapped opportunities?
  • Where do you see eCommerce heading towards in the next 5-10 years?

All of that in just 30 minutes!

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