Message Marketing can have a crucial impact on your eCommerce business growth.

Messenger Marketing, like the rest forms of message marketing, can be more effective because the end customer, receives a personal message to their phone.

But Messenger Marketing has a bigger benefit. More than 1 million people use it daily.

In our new episode, we got in touch with Nick Romaya, Head of Partnerships at Recart.

We talked about:

  • Is it either Messenger Marketing or SMS Marketing or could they be combined?
  • 5 best practices for using Recart for an online store
  • How do we get the opt-in from the user? 
  • Can someone set up triggered messenger flows, based on some events from the store?
  • What type of merchants would see the biggest return on investment from using Messenger Marketing? 
  • The #1 reason online merchants should be using Messenger Marketing.
  • What should merchants avoid doing when using Messenger Marketing?


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