In the past months, we've seen TikTok skyrocketing and becoming a global social media trend for entertainment.

When a new social media pops up and shows that people want to spend time in it, that means a new marketing opportunity for brands & eCommerce businesses.

In our new episode, we host Arthur Mooso, Customer Success at

We discussed:

  • Where does TikTok's success come from?
  • What type of content do people consume on TikTok?
  • What are the demographics of the platform?
  • TikTok ads for eCommerce. Where to start?
  • 5 best practices for using TikTok ads for an online store
  • What percentage of the Marketing budget should merchants allocate to TikTok ads?
  • What type of merchants would see the biggest return on investment?
  • What should merchants avoid doing when using TikTok?


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