Nowadays, what makes a business stand out from the competition is its products & its content.

Content marketing is about showcasing the pros of your products, in an engaging, fun, sentimental, and valuable way. It's not just about posting your products or expressing in a literal way, why customers should buy them.

This week we had the pleasure to host Vanhishikha Bhargava, Founder of Contensify, Content Marketing Consultant at Shopify, and Head of Content Marketing at

We discussed:

  • How do we pick what form of content we should produce?
  • How do we choose the platform that we’ll distribute the content? 
  • Does it make any difference when content is produced by the in-house team or outsourced?
  • What are some business results that merchants could see when doing successful Content Marketing?
  • What type of resources will a merchant need to start experimenting with Content Marketing?
  • Would you suggest amplifying the reach of the content produced via paid ads from the beginning?
  • The #1 thing merchants should avoid doing with their content marketing strategy.

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