Post-purchase upsell is an effective way to increase the order value, without risking losing the customer.

Why? Because the offer is presented after the purchase is done. That's the time when visitors have already trusted you and are more willing to pay some more dollars to get a complimentary product.

This week, we hosted Eric Haim, co-founder of stilyoapps and ReConvert - an Upsell & Cross-Sell Shopify app.

We discussed:

  • Why is post-purchase upsell more effective than pre-purchase
  • What are the main benefits of using post-purchase upsells on a Shopify store
  • What are 3-5 best practices for using Reconvert for an online store
  • What type of merchants would see the biggest return on investment from capitalizing on post-purchase upselling
  • What should merchants avoid doing when applying post-purchase upsell offers


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