Programmatic Advertising has been getting a lot of traction in the past years. It's an area of performance marketing that assists businesses to target their potential customers more effectively, by achieving more efficient media buying.

Not being efficient in the eCommerce world can put you in some really dangerous waters as you give your competition an opportunity gap to take advantage of.

To further discuss why an eCommerce merchant should consider leveraging Programmatic Advertising, we linked with Lewis Rothkopf, President at Martin, a DSP platform.

We talked about:

  1. Lewis' professional journey in the ad tech and digital media buying world
  2. What is Programmatic Advertising
  3. Why should an eCommerce merchant consider moving their ad spend on Programmatic Ads
  4. Why measuring an ads’ effectiveness based solely on CPA, or ROAS is not quite right
  5. Other effective ways to evaluate a campaign
  6. What is Martin and how could help a merchant
  7. What are some of your most popular services
  8. When should a merchant consider investing in Programmatic Advertising
  9. What to avoid doing with Programmatic Advertising - what you should look out for

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