Back in October of 1996, Billy became paralyzed after falling off from three stories. He became unable to move any part of his body from chest down, including his fingers.

Fast forward half a lifetime later, Billy’s the CEO of BILLY Footwear, a brand creating shoes for people facing mobility challenges.

In our new episode, we discuss about Billy Price, Co-Founder at BILLY Footwear journey, from experiencing such a life-changing event to founding a business that makes peoples' life easier.

We talked about:
  • Inspiration behind BILLY Footwear
  • Highs & lows of running a D2C brand
  • Key marketing channels BILLY Footwear capitalized on
  • Advices for new eCommerce entrepreneurs
  • Do's & Dont's for new eComerce businesses
  • The one thing that he wouldn't do if he were starting over

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