Personalization can make or break your Messaging Marketing strategy. Buyers receive tons of generic messages every day. If yours stands out in the crowd, the chances of them noticing it skyrocket.
One effective and unique way to achieve this is by sending Personalized Notes. People love to receive tangible things and the detail of handwriting will provide a real personal feel to it, making your message more memorable.
To further discuss how handwritten messages can upscale your messaging marketing game, we linked with David Wachs, founder & CEO of Handwrytten.
We talked about:
  • David's professional journey until founding Handwrytten.
  • The reasons why an eCommerce merchant should consider integrating handwritten personalized messaging to their overall messaging marketing strategy
  • The existing data in terms of open rates and the impact mails have on business performance
  • The options a merchant has when using Handwrytten
  • The most popular ways merchants use Handwrytten
  • What is the best time for a merchant to start using handwritten messages
  • What you should avoid doing with handwritten messaging

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