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shopify sales spy

Spying Made Legal: Top Shopify Sales Spy Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes, running an online business feels like shooting in the …

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10 Bombshell Tips for How to Grow Your Shopify Sales in < 30 Days

Perfect is the enemy of good. And what you need …

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eCommerce On Steroids - Podcast for Shopify

e-Commerce & Challenges with Ben Leonard

Join our Facebook group “Shopify Q & A” for more …

Klaviyo vs Mailchimp for Shopify

Klaviyo vs. Mailchimp for Shopify: Pros, Cons, and Features

When you’re running an eCommerce business on Shopify, your marketing …

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Facebook and Instagram Shops: Now on Shopify to Grow Your Small Business

Try to understate social media’s role in online retail. Go …

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Top 3 Reasons eCommerce Brands Should Run Marketing Campaigns All Year

Okay, we’ve all got that weirdo relative we only engage …

How to Use a Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey to Bump Up Conversions

How to Use a Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey to Bump Up Conversions

It’s a great day!  The sun is shining. The birds …

customer feedback order confirmation form

How to Use Customer Feedback on Order Confirmation Forms to Improve Your UX/UI

For every customer who complains, 20 remain silent. You know …

customer feedback

3 Easy Ways to Get Feedback from Customers and Use It

People are complex bundles of emotions. But that’s not a …