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D2C Hair Care Brand

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February 2021


D2C Cosmetics brand


Klaviyo Email Marketing

How we achieved a 3.5x revenue increase for an eCommerce client

Dollar for dollar, email marketing is an eCommerce brand's best bet for getting quality leads and conversions. But an effective marketing email isn’t the same as that quick message you shoot off to your coworker or BFF. No way, Jose. There’s so much more to it than that.

Just how much more? That’s what this email marketing eCommerce case study is all about. Keep on scrolling to learn how we increased our eCommerce client’s revenue by 3.5X with our Klaviyo Email Marketing Services.

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The client and their problem with email marketing.

Our client was a D2C brand in the eCommerce niche.

They’d heard all the rave reviews about email marketing and how it was supposed to give them the conversion rates that would make Gary Vee a jelly belly.

But it wasn’t working out so well for them. Here’s what our client was dealing with:

● Low open rates that made them think, “Do we mean nothing to you?!”

● Disappointing revenue overall from their email marketing channel

● Slow as a molasses-in-January email subscriber frequencies

Step by Step.

Womp womp womp.

So, after taking a gander at what they had going on in their email marketing account, we found the following:

A lack of segmentation tactics — This makes it impossible to offer personalized messages and target subscribers with the right content to get the conversion rates needed.

No flows and minimal infrastructure — Flows and infrastructure create consistent brand messaging and help serve up personalized content that’s more likely to get an open and a click.

Poor design — Bad design equals confusion and can also mess up how a message displays on the subscriber’s device. Result? No clicks and too many spam complaints.

Bad copy — Great design and segmentation mean nada if the copy is terrible. Bad copy annoys and confuses subscribers, destroying open, click, and conversion rates.

Okay, so these were some serious issues wasting the client’s marketing spend and not giving them the results they wanted. But the good news is, these problems were totally fixable!

So, here’s what we did to fix them.


When clients come to us for help with email marketing, it typically takes us about one month to get the infrastructure built or fixed and designs finalized. If their eCommerce store has solid traffic numbers, they’ll start seeing results within as little as 15 to 20 days.

Here’s what we did for the client:

We built an advanced email automation system with branded flows and infrastructure. Automations were designed to familiarize subscribers with the offerings and build desire for the products.

Engaging content was crafted and sent at the right time to the right people. This resulted in a massive increase in open and conversion rates.

We must say, the only thing our client found more shocking (in a good way) than the turnaround time was the results we achieved.

Here’s what they had to say:


(Before Cartlyfts)

Total Revenue from Klaviyo:

$4,481 (12%)

Total Revenue from Flows:

$1,295 (2%)

Total Revenue from Campaigns:

$3,186 (12%)

After Our Midas Touch

Total Revenue from Klaviyo:

$14,237 (27%)

Total Revenue from Flows:

$8,077 (15%)

Total Revenue from Campaigns:

$6,160 (12%)

Let's level up your email marketing game.

Is your email channel a major marketing disappointment? If you haven’t achieved the results, everyone, raves about with email marketing, we can help.

Email marketing enables you to make sales 24/7. Automations can trigger branded messages that build trust with subscribers, like happy birthday messages or thank you emails.

With an airtight email marketing strategy, you can also enjoy the type of revenue increases we’ve achieved for this client.


Reach out to us today, and we’ll get back to you faster than small-town gossip.

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