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Buckle Up.

You're about to work with some of the best Shopify and Klaviyo experts in Greece.

About Us

Pull up a seat, amigo.

You may wonder what make us so qualified to grow your Shopify store?

It’s because our career in eCommerce spans over half a decade and we bring real, hands-on experience to the table. We only choose marketing experts with a similar drive and knowledge base to join the Cartlyfts team.

We've taken our own eCommerce brands and our clients’ from, Looks like Ramen again tonight, to Whoa! Where’d all those zeros come from? When they look at their bank accounts.


Your success is our success.

Everyone’s got a passion and one of ours is eCommerce. Our dedication to the Shopify and Klaviyo platforms and our personal background as eCommerce practitioners mean we understand, on a real level, what your anxieties and ambitions are.

Really, our success is a byproduct of your success. Because you know what our second passion is? It’s helping Shopify merchants like you succeed.

At Cartlyfts, we love our work and have integrity and passion for performance. You’ll see precisely what we're talking about when you work with us.

Why Work with Us?

Because we actually give a rodent’s you-know-what about your success. Happiness guaranteed.



You’d be shocked (in a good way) at how much we’ve grown these Shopify merchants’ brands.

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