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About the project.


June 2022




Shopify Design & Development

Hellofrom had some serious problems with their AOV (average order value) and their conversion rates, so they got in touch with us to revamp their storefront, in an attempt to improve these metrics.

Step by Step.

Here's what we did

● We worked closely with Hellofrom's team to understand their needs, their pain points and provide the optimal solution for the business.

● Our analysis concluded that the store had some serious UX/UI issues which caused lower conversion rates.

● We revamped the whole Shopify store, including Homepage, Collection Page, Product Page and their About us page.

● Then we developed all these new pages into the client's new theme.

● As with every new Shopify build, we performed a thorough website quality assurance and then launched Hellofrom's new eshop.

The results

Average Order Value

+ 33%

Conversion Rate


Top Line Revenue


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