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BullyBillows UK

About the project.


October 2021


Bully Billows


Klaviyo Email Marketing

How we achieved a 50x return on investment for our client.

Bully Billows got in touch with our team to initially migrate their email operations from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and primarily map down new automation infrastructure.

We strategized and built a fundamental email automation that any eCommerce business should have.

See below the results for yourself!

Step by Step.

Here's what we did

Welcome Series Flow — Capture new email subscribers while at the same time converting more first-time buyers.

Abandoned Checkout Flow — We achieved a 14% recovery rate on the brand's abandoned checkouts.

Browse Abandonment Flow— We bring back and convert existing subscribers who were just browsing the website.

Post Purchase Flow — We welcome first time customers to the community and additionally upsell more products.

Birthday Flow — We delight the subscribers with not expected surprises.

● Email Campaigns - Once the account got initial engagement from the flows deliveries, we designed and deployed regular email campaigns to the existing email database.


Total Revenue from Klaviyo:

$115000 (19%)

Total Revenue from Flows:

$56000 (9%)

Total Revenue from Campaigns:

$59000 (10%)

Let's level up your email marketing game.

Is your email channel a major marketing disappointment? If you haven’t achieved the results, everyone, raves about with email marketing, we can help.

Email marketing enables you to make sales 24/7. Automations can trigger branded messages that build trust with subscribers, like happy birthday messages or thank you emails.

With an airtight email marketing strategy, you can also enjoy the type of revenue increases we’ve achieved for Bully Billows.


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