A 100% customer-centric eCommerce agency with the mission to help as many Shopify merchants as possible build and grow their online businesses.      

Our stats (Real Numbers)

Shopify Stores Built
Stores Migrated to Shopify
Revenue Generated for Clients through Facebook Ads
Revenue Generated for Clients through Email Marketing


Make Shopify merchants happier.

Our mission here at Cartlyfts is straightforward. We want to make happier as many Shopify merchants as possible. 

We know well what you need in order to be happy. You need a professional, good looking and optimised for maximum revenue, online store.

This is what we offer to you.

The Team

Panos Tzitzinos
Shopify Partner / Paid ads / Email Marketing
Head of Design
Chris Christinakis
Graphic Design, UI/UX Design
Our eCommerce Journey 
  1. July 2015
    Started our first print on demand Shopify store. (failed miserably :P)
  2. September 2016
    We developed a general drop shipping store which was successful but wasn't quite fulfilling for us.
  3. February 2018
    We decided that we'd be happier and better able to provide value if we offer our services to other Shopify merchants like you. That's how Cartlyfts was born.
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